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Bhutan Textile Kira Kushutara
19 mid-century

backgraound Industrial cotton yarn
patterns hand-spun wild silk yarn
natural dye

A number of silks are from southern and
eastern Bhutan villages;
others come from neighboring Assam and Tashigang,
India, Japan and Hong Kong.
Cotton is grown in Bhutan in small quantities
today as machine-spun yarn from India has made
local production uneconomical.
It is used for many everyday garments and
other utilitarian uses.
Wool continues to be an active industry especially
in higher areas of the country.
Bhutanese weavers can choose from many imported
commercial yarns and synthetic fibers.
Dyes for the coloring of weaving yarns have been
created from a variety of local plants and the recipes
passed down from mother to daughter.
With an astounding 72 percent of the land forested,
there is an abundance of local natural solutions.
In the past two decades, however, there has been
a move away from the labor intensive process of
vegetable dye preparation to areas where there is
no easy access to the raw materials. Nevertheless,
many villagers and most affluent Bhutanese still
prefer the natural colors.


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