Bhutan Textile Gho 01

Bhutan Textile Gho 01 1

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Bhutan Textile Gho
20 mid-century

hand-spun wild silk yarn
natural & chemical dyes mix

The Bhutanese man takes pride in his national garment,
the go, a voluminous full-length robe that isfastened,
folded into pleats, and bloused above a belt
like the woman’s kira.
The go was introduced in the 17th Century from
Tibet by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyel, the statesman
who unified Bhutan.
Whereas the kira is fashioned by sewing equal sized
panels into a rectangular form to be wrapped,
the go is made by a cut and sewn pattern.
Male tailors who create the go also fashion short jackets
of silk brocade for women called togo.


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