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Bhutan Textile Kira Kushutara
20 mid-century

background industrial cotton yarn
patterns hand-spun wild silk yarn
almost natural dye

The weaving culture of the landlocked Himalayan
kingdom of Bhutan is centuries old. Silk, wool, acrylic,
metallic threads, and cotton, intricately and deftly woven
on hand-hewn backstrap and treadle or shaft looms,
meet a wide range of daily clothing needs,
as well as religious and decorative requirements
of the Bhutanese.

The rugged mountain conditions and clustered-village
structure, social customs, and daily life of the Bhutanese
all contribute to the need for each family to weave
fabrics in their own home.
The country is unique in that it is dependent on
hand-weaving skills for the provision of everyday apparel.
The traditional practice, which continues today,
is for mothers to teach their daughters to weave.
Most women over twelve years of age possess
high-quality weaving skills.
Men often assist with shearing, washing, carding,
combing, and spinning the various local yarns.

Although past written records on weaving are sparse,
the tradition of hand weaving spans several centuries,
and traditional and classical motifs and designs
from the past continue to be woven on a daily basis.
Thus, a motif in use today may have originated
several centuries ago.


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