Bhutan Textile Kira Kushutara 18

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Bhutan Textile Kira Kushutara

background industrial cotton yarn
patterns industrial cotton yarn for embroidery
chemical dye

The kira is composed of three loom widths of
approximately 50 centimeters and is 250
centimeters in length.
A complete kira measures about 150 by 250
centimeters, with a fringe 2.5?10 centimeters
at each end.
Although the kira is one flat piece of fabric,
each differs in size both in width and length,
so that it can comfortably fit the particular child
or adult who will wear it.
Each of the three individual loom widths consists of
a continuously woven main section, two end-border
panels and one central panel.
The end borders contain design strips that range
in number from six to fourteen and are woven
according to a special and traditional sequence and
always in pairs.
The two strips in each pair are of similar width;
however, the widths of the various pairs may vary
from one to another.
Designs utilized within the paired strips may be
grouped as meanders, continuously repeated designs
or motifs.
The kira contains a wide range of design patterns,
and may number 1,500 individual motifs on one piece.
The patterns and motifs used have been strongly
influenced by the Buddhist and Bonpo religions,
as well as by the personal and individual expression
and interpretation of craftspeople.
Their inspiration is doubtless drawn from
the physical structure of the country?
mountains, rivers, waterfalls, clouds, mists, cascades,
hills and valleys?and from the abundance of flora
and fauna as well as the natural phenomena of lightning
and earthquakes.
The final creation is a visually pleasant and
colorful garment.


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