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Bhutan Textile Kira Kushutara

background : industrial cotton yarn
patterns : hand-spun wild silk yarn
chemical dye

During recent times the kera has been reduced
in width.
Earlier, the belt was 30?45 centimeters in width
and folded lengthwise into three sections.
Currently, the width is approximately 7.5?10
centimeters and is not folded when worn.
Complex and intricate embellishments were featured
extensively in the past, with designs set into
complex design strips across the fabric.
As many as eighty design strips have been known
to be incorporated into one belt.

For males, the gho is made from three to
four generous lengths of fabric, which allows for
comfortable wrapping around the body, oversized sleeves,
placement of the kera, and an ample front pouch
to carry personal items such as food, documents,
and knives.
It is woven in a striped or check design from cotton,
wool, or silk or a combination of two yarns.
When worn, the stripes are in a vertical position.
A specially tailored white undershirt, usually of
white cotton, is turned over at the cuff to form
a 13-centimeter band of white.
The most lavish gho is of silk-on-silk (raw or refined),
in gold and burgundy-red stripes embellished with
elaborate and ornate designs.


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